„A navigation system is designed to guide your customers reliably to your business facility so that they don´t wander off to your competitors.“

A navigation system is a set of advertising spaces and panels placed on street lighting columns, overhead line columns or freestanding pillars that combine informative and advertising function. Sophisticated sets of advertising spaces and panels can be prepared to navigate both cars and pedestrian customers.

The basis of navigation for cars consists mainly of FLEX panels and directional arrows, which can also be complemented with panels on bridges or billboard spaces.

Pedestrian navigation mainly makes use of S-panels, Flex panels, outbanners, spaces on telephone boxes and floor graphics.

Publicitaria Praha creates custom-made and turnkey navigation systems. What´s more, the experience of our graphics studio can help create a graphic design that will increase their efficiency.

Navigation systems effectively serve many shopping centres and small shops, hotels, petrol stations, company headquarters, logistics centres, car repair centres, restaurants, cafés, bike repair shops, theatres, etc. Clients´ wishes as well as legal requirements are taken into account when choosing suitable locations to place the individual navigation items.

Advertising space on public lighting columns can also be used for short-term campaigns to launch new products or services, inform about special deals and current offers and increase the awareness of your brand. Flex panels, outbanners or S-panels are ideally suited for these campaigns.



67 x 90 cm, 80 x 120 cm | one-sided/double-sided | navigation for cars, long-term lease

Flex is a one-sided or double-sided panel, mainly placed on street lighting columns or overhead lines for trams or trolleybuses.

It combines the elements of advertising and information. It is often used to create a “navigation system” towards shops, hotels, car repair centres, petrol stations, logistics centres, company headquarters, etc.



50 x 120 cm a 50 x 200 cm | double-sided | campaigns, image advertising, pedestrian navigation, long-term lease

An outbanner is an outdoor flag placed on street lighting columns or overhead lines for trams or trolleybuses.

It is always a double-sided advertising space suitable for image advertising and short-term campaigns for products, services or sports or cultural events, but it can also be used for pedestrian navigation.

It is an especially effective advertising space for multiple advertising.



Various formats – most often 100 x 20 cm | one-sided | long-term lease

A directional arrow is placed on public lighting columns or freestanding columns and is primarily intended for navigation.



60 x 85 cm | one-sided | campaigns, short-term lease

This space targets a pedestrian customer. It is primarily intended for short-term campaigns and makes it possible to inform regularly on current events, offers, discounts or newly launched products. Advertising spaces involving S-panels enable easy replacement of an advertising message during a campaign.

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