Outdoor advertising is also called out-of-home media.
It can be found everywhere!

It is an ideal medium to build and support a brand, launch a new product or service but also navigate people towards a commercial destination. Outdoor advertising is a highly effective tool – it works non-stop, independently of a potential customer´s will and it cannot be overlooked. It appeals to the subconscious and does not require any special activity of the client.

The advantage of outdoor advertising is that it is readable and memorizable, with the messages having a clear character and regular effect. It enables universal or regional targeting of a required group of people.

There are two types of outdoor advertising: large-format and small-format.

The best-known large formats are megaboards, billboards, LED screens, city light vitrines, advertising panels on bridges, spaces on phone boxes, etc.

Small-formats, usually no bigger than 1mof space, are placed on street lighting columns, overhead lines or free-standing columns. They include flex panels, outbanners and directional arrows.

The combination of individual formats of outdoor advertising increases its efficiency. In addition, the price/effect ratio is favourable compared to other modes of advertising.

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