With us, you won´t get lost in the advertising world! That´s why we have prepared a glossary for you.

The abbreviation CLV stands for City Light Vitrines. They are a backlit advertising space for indoor use (underground vestibules, underpasses) or use in the form of backlit panels along roads.

Flex banner
A flex banner is a one- or double-sided panel placed on a column (most frequently a column of overhead lines for trams or trolleybuses, etc.). These are Komatex panels attached to the column using a frame.

A space for short-term campaigns (S-panel)
It is placed in pedestrian zones and streets to address passers-by.

Navigation, navigation system
A navigation system is a system of panels on columns, freestanding columns, complemented where required with panels on bridges that will guide your clients directly to your headquarters or business facility. Mostly, this involves navigating clients driving in their cars, e.g. towards a supermarket; nevertheless, navigation for pedestrians is also implemented.

Multiple advertising
The term multiple advertising refers to the use of the same type of consecutive advertising space, which markedly increases the effect on the potential client.

An outbanner is an outdoor flag on a column (of street or other lighting). It is a stylish and elegant advertising medium suitable for both campaigns and navigation.

Floor graphics
Floor graphics means an advertising space on the floor, such as at an underground station entry/exit. Flat floor graphics can, however, be applied to any floor, whether indoor or outdoor.

Directional arrow
A directional arrow can resemble a traffic sign. It is a panel sized 100 x 20 cm or 125 x 40 cm on a column or a freestanding column on which a company logo, an arrow and information about distance are placed, making it an ideal element of navigation systems.

Light panel
A light panel is a backlit panel, usually sized 80×120 cm, placed on a street lighting column.

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Advertising glossary
With us, you won´t get lost in the advertising world! That´s why we have prepared a glossary for you…

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